What People Are Saying

“Your product is amazing! I am the only woman in a family of five and this is my favorite product to tell people about. Also, I gift it whenever appropriate! Thanks so much!” – Heather, Ohio

 “My boys think that these are the funniest things ever! Thanks for making my boys laugh.”

Kathy, Florida 

“With 3 young boys in the house I used to dread cleaning their bathroom. Now it is one of the cleanest in my house. My husband needs one of these.” – Dawn, New Jersey




Buy Now to keep your bathroom up to 85% cleaner!

  • Makes potty training fun
  • Installs easily with included instructions
  • Waterproof decals last for up to 1 year

Our goal at PottyTarget.com is to make the world cleaner one bathroom at a time.

This simple product helps kids to go where they are supposed to and creates laughs along the way.

Give them something to aim for and you will be amazed by the results.

“We know that you will see cleaner bathrooms in minutes. If you are not satisfied at anytime, contact us for your money back.”

Have bigger kids in the house that could also use help with their aim? Visit our sister site at UrinalFly.com.