About Potty Targets

As parents of two boys, Stacy Dragan and Doug Kempel, were overwhelmed by the seeming lack of concern their otherwise terrific boys had when it came time to aim. What was so hard about hitting a large white bowl?  These creative parents knew there had to be a fun solution to this problem—give them something to aim for!

With Stacy’s background in Psychology, and Doug’s in Design and Manufacturing, they put their heads together and determined they wanted something easy to install, helpful and of course entertaining. After much experimentation, and finding the perfect waterproof adhesive, PottyTarget emerged in 2009.

By adding these fun stickers to their household toilets, these parents quickly discovered that boys (of all ages) naturally wanted to hit the target. It also sparked humorous conversations with their guests! Not only do these innovative decals keep bathrooms up to 85% cleaner and last up to a year, they also serve as a great potty training tool. This simple solution keeps the bathrooms of the world a happier place to be!

Doug and Stacy live in Colorado with their boys, Oliver and Edison, and their faithful dog, Ruby. They enjoy cycling, hiking, camping and just about every other outdoor activity.

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Doug & Stacy